Our Kickboxing & Karate Juniors are at the heart of our club!

Our Junior Karate classes have been strong in numbers since 2002. All karate instructors are PVG checked and ensure they are there for each childs individual needs and to see them grow as people as well as martial artists.

Our Junior Kickboxing classes which only started in 2018 have gone from strength to strength now boasting an impressive 100+ students. Our Junior Kickboxers have grown to 7 classes per week 2 of which are designated for competitors. Said competitors have been competing in 9+ competitions per year earning bronze to gold trophies and earning spots in world championships.


Our Junior Karate classes have been available for ages 5 and above for the Fraserburgh area for over 20 years. Our team of experienced black belt instructors ensure each student is cared for from first timers to junior Black Belts! Classes are available Monday to Friday for all ages 5 and above. No booking required come along with your Son or Daughter any time and they get their first class FREE. Students get graded every 3-4 month and we will soon have Karate competitions also becoming available for students!


Kickboxing for Children became available to the Fraserburgh area for the first time ever in 2018 when our club made the decision to extend these classes to children aswell as adults! Since then we have had hundreds of students come to our classes average 100 students on a Friday night over 4 classes! additional classes are also available for attending students who partake in Sparring, allowing them to get extra training for competitions. Our junior kickboxers have competed in 20+ kickboxing events over the course of 2019 and early 2020. Over the course of these competitions they have gained various Gold, Silver and Bronze medals doing themselves and their club proud. Classes are available for Primary 1 children and above!

We are located at:


Fraserburgh Fitness Centre

James Ramsay Park
Maconochie Road


AB43 8TH

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