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Our Commitment To Your Wellbeing

Sanatised Storage and Spray For Personal Use.

At the start of every gym session, we'll supply, from reception, each member with a sanatised storage box to store your personal belongings and a bottle of sanatising spray to clean equipment before and after use.

Keeping a Safe Distance

We’ve created the space you need to work out while keeping a safe distance. The gym has been rearranged and clearly marked out for you to use safely, so it is easy for everyone to follow. We’ll also control the numbers in the gym at any given time so it never gets too busy.

Gym Booking System

Our gym has developed a Booking and Track and Trace System designed to help us protect each other by controlling the number of members using the facility reducing the potential for the spread of coronavirus.


The Gym will alert you if you have been in close contact with another user who tests positive for coronavirus. And if you test positive, it can help in determining contacts that you may have otherwise missed - while keeping your information private and anonymous as per GDPR.


Using the Booking system along with sticking to current public health measures, will help us to stay safe whilst we work out and take part in Combat Sports.

Notice of Sanatised Eqipment.

We’ve created notices to be placed on equipment once they have been sanatised. Our staff will regularly clean all gym aparatus, we ask that memebers also clean equipment with your sanatising spray with wipes provided at our cleaning stations after use and prepare for the next user. once sanatised, we ask that you place the notice back on equipment.

Extensive and Frequent Cleaning

Our gym will be deep cleaned every morning prior to opening with high-grade anti-bacteria disinfectants. The team will also clean every piece of kit and surface throughout the day, from dumbbells to treadmills and everything in between, so you can train with confidence.

Self Cleaning Stations

We've installed new self-cleaning stations so you can clean your kit before and after use, for added peace of mind. Cleaning stations are located in all key areas of the gym to make it as easy as possible. We ask that you also sanitise your hands before entering the gym and wear a mask when entering and exiting to keep yourself and others safe. 

Hand Sanatising Stations

Limited Offer

You'll find more hand sanitising stations around the gym so it's easy to regularly clean your hands during your visit. We ask that you also sanitise your hands before entering the gym to keep yourself and others safe. 

Steam Cleaning and Santised Excercise Areas

Every day we sanatise the floor areas to ensure the utmost standards of hygiene while you train at our facility.



Air Conditioned Gym

Coming Soon

We pump over 3,000 litres of fresh air into our gyms every second through our ventilation systems. This helps to dilute airborne virus particles and ensure members have clean fresh air to workout.

We are located at:


Fraserburgh Fitness Centre

James Ramsay Park
Maconochie Road


AB43 8TH

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