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Albert Ross

Karate Black Belt 4th Dan

Kickboxing Black Belt 6th Dan


Sensei Ross is the founder and Chairman of the Satorishido Martial Arts Association which he started in 1998 with over 30 years in Martial Arts he devised his own style of freestyle Karate with the emphases on self - defence being the major factor in the style, Sensei Ross holds the ranks of Black Belt 4th Dan in Karate and 5th Dan in Kickboxing in the year 2000 Sensei Ross had the vision to create a purpose-built Martial Arts Centre a first in the Northeast of Scotland with hard work and personal sacrifice he saw his vision come true when the clubs headquarters opened at James Ramsay Park Fraserburgh in 2003.

Sensei Ross turned his back on his own grades and training to put all his efforts into the club’s development and expansion which has gone from strength to strength with over 100 students training in Karate each week at Fraserburgh, but all this came at a personal cost which now leaves Sensei Ross the challenge of his life to regain the lost years of training and to progress with his own Martial Arts, a challenge he will fulfil with the same determination and effort that he applied to the birth and development of the Satorishido Martial Arts Association one of the largest Martial Arts Groups in Scotland.

Callum MacDonald

Karate Black Belt 1st Dan

Kickboxing Black Belt


Mr MacDonald has been with Sensei Ross for many years now and was involved with the restoration of the clubs headquarters at James Ramsay Park; he is the current Vice Chairman of the Satorishido Martial Arts group, he holds the rank of Black Belt 1st Dan in the disciplines of Karate & Kickboxing, he now concentrates on the discipline of Karate at the Fraserburgh Dojo and instructs students at all levels, he has been a driving force behind the Karate in Fraserburgh for a number of years, he is also a qualified International Kickboxing referee.


James McRobbie

Karate Black Belt 1st Dan


Mr McRobbie has trained with Sensei Ross since the age of eight years old and now at the age of 26 holds the rank of black belt 1st Dan.

Mr McRobbie has a very good in-depth knowledge of Martial Arts and helps instruct at the Fraserburgh Dojo. Mr McRobbie is now in charge of the karate classes for the Intermediate level students at the Fraserburgh headquarters.

Sean Smart

Black Belt


Mr Smart has trained under Sensei Ross for more than 7 years and has now joined the team of instructors at the club, he is a great asset in assisting and training the junior karate students.

Malcolm MacCall

Brown Belt 1st Kyu


Mr MacCall trains and helps instruct at the Fraserburgh DoJo he started training in Karate in 2003 and has reached the grade of Brown Belt 1st Kyu, Mr MacCall always set his targets very high and strives to reach them which is a tribute to a Martial Artist who shows commitment and determination in training, in his teaching capacity he always strives for perfection in his students and his thirst for knowledge is endless

Gavin Packham

Brown Belt 1st Kyu


Trained medical doctor from Strichen, took up the sport of karate 3 years ago, after his son's started attending karate. Gavin is now teaching juniors at our facility on a weekly basis. 

Paul Greenall

Brown Belt 1st Kyu


Mr Greenall started his journey in the martial arts about 4 years ago and is now in the final stages of his training for his black belt with our club. Mr Greenall teaches juniors each week at our club and also has the position of club secratary.  He is also activly involved with the Saturday Sparring class.


Michael Thom

Brown Belt 2nd Kyu


Michael had previously trained in Shotokan Karate and achieved black belt 1st dan status. He started training with our club in the style of Free-Style Karate and has now reached the rank of Brown Belt 2nd Kyu. 

Michael teaches juniors on a weekly basis and is training towards his black belt with Satorishido.

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